Forrestal Energy Metering: Saving Money by Saving Energy
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Red Zone: North Building, East Side
Blue Zone: North Building, West Side
Purple Zone: West Building
Yellow Zone: South Building, North Side
Green Zone: South Building, South Side
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The Department of Energy has installed meters in the James Forrestal Building that enable DOE to measure electricity use and costs in its headquarters facility.

The Forrestal electric meters provide daily readouts and comparison of data on electricity consumption for overhead lighting and power outlets. The purpose is to measure the electricity used by equipment that building occupants can control.

The metering gauges electricity costs – and thereby highlights how employees at Forrestal can help DOE save money by saving energy.

Data is collected and reported by zones throughout Forrestal's north, south, and west buildings.

For those viewing this screen on a hallway display, you may explore this data further by visiting our Forrestal Metering Dashboard at the following website:

  Compare Average Daily Consumption (kWh)  
Ranking by percent reduction October November Percent Change
  West Building 2,253 2,330* 3.4% Increase
  South Building South Side 5,252 5,593* 6.5% Increase
  South Building North Side 5,648 6,181* 9.4% Increase
  North Building West Side 4,575 5,140* 12.4% Increase
  North Building East Side 3,096 3,530* 14.0% Increase
  All Forrestal
20,824 22,774* 9.4% Increase

* Consumption for November as of Thursday, November 3.

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